Steps is a small Minit-like game where instead of dying from time, you die after a certain amount of steps. Explore the cursed island, solve puzzles, and find the hidden coins. Try to run away from the island by finding the Icarus wings as it is the only way to escape the cursed island.


  • Arrows: to move around
  • X: to start the game and activate boots


  • Try to find different patterns to find secrets (notice different patterns, different wall tiling)
  • Try to find the torch before entering dark dungeons
  • Some walls are just fake walls where you can walk through them.
  • Be careful when using boots in the dark dungeons


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I really like the change that the boots introduce. Suddenly the game feels even more like a puzzle. There's a step counter, but steps don't have to be all the same length!


Thanks a lot :) I am glad you enjoyed it :)

That's great!  Yeah, would love to see this mechanic in a larger game....

I escaped....

But what was that (C)...? Might have to explore more...  ;)


thanks a lot :) glad you enjoyed it :) actually I started this game because I was inspired by ur Santa game :)

The c's are hidden coins, 3 of them need very hard hidden puzzles to solve to make if appear and 1 is well hidden.


Aw that’s great!  Pico-8’s a blast, right?

Ooooh! Fun!


I love the croziness that I feel working in it, compared to other engines except for an old engine called FlashPunk :)

I even design my own engines to be similar to pico8 and FlashPunk.


Yeah, so easy to make without juggling tools, loading, engine bugs, etc.  Just make a game!


Woah, that was really cool. I like the concept. I think this idea around steps has a lot of potential. Quite fun!


Thanks a lot, I think I should explore that idea a little more in a bigger game environment :)

I am glad you are liked it :)


Fun! Was a bit confused about what some of the items were doing though. I liked it though! The boots were especially cool once I understood what they did.

Thanks a lot, ben :) I should have done some play testing before releasing to try to minimize these confusion but I wanted to release it before the new year :)


i like the game and its retro style like Adventure of atari 2600


I am glad u like it :)