The Sky House is a small metroidvania about a flying creature in a flying house. 
The game is inspired by REDDER and VVVVVV and take 30 mins to complete.

Hope you will like the game.

Arrows => Move
X => Jump
X X => Fly

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorAhmed Khalifa (Amidos)
Made withTIC-80
TagsDifficult, Flying, Metroidvania, single-sitting, TIC-80


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great game. Also I made a game jam for tic-80 games if you want to join. https://itch.io/jam/tic80-jam

(you don't have to)

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thank you :) good luck with the jam and thanks for inviting me :)


It was challenging but in a really fun way, i got 1,017 seconds. perhaps you could add that in minutes to to help my brain a bit :). Great job. I found it on cool math and made my way here to provide some feedback and see how everyone else did. Also once i got the key to make things shake i think i did it the hard way because i went outside back through the yellow door way which was definitely tough. but by that time i had really gotten used to the controls which made it feel more smooth. Really good job on the game! be proud!!


Thank you so much for your feedback :), I am happy that you really enjoyed the game, and came all the way from cool math games to here to write this nice comment :) Thanks a lot :)

So hard!

Sorry about that but I think it is easier on https://tic.computer/play?cart=328 because there is not much frameskip :)

I mean that in a totally good way! I love hard games, too easy is no fun.

that is good :) glad you like it :)


I just started a speedrun.com page for this game! Here's the page!

That is great :) Thanks :) Hope u enjoyed it :)

Pretty cool...

Thanks :)


Nice! I really enjoyed the jumping/flying mechanics. Usually jumping/flying with this much gravity is really bad to control, but something about this made it feel good—especially being able to press down to fall quicker. This was a difficult game, but didn't seem unfair. Didn't collect any of the coins, but finished in 1,016 seconds, I think.

I thought the game could use music, even just a simple ambience, it helps make it feel more polished. 

Thanks a lot for the nice comments :) I am happy that you enjoyed it :) I am working on having a music soon in the game :) (as I am not a musician (I don't understand anything about Music Theory) but I have someone working on that) Thanks again :) 


I went on a walk today, and thought about the music more. I feel that, since your lasers and enemies have patterns, they can have sound effects (such as when they touch the floor or ceiling) that acts as music without having to actually compose music. I think the way you have built your world, it can lend itself to being musical/rhythmic without changing much at all. That's just an observation.

Thanks a lot :)

nice. There are some non-blocking walls. Intended?

yup secrets for speed running and others :) and every secret wall have someway to hint it ;) thanks for playing :) Hope u liked it

I did not really looked for it but somehow I did know when a wall was walkable or not Maybe you did a quite good job ;)

I  did not finish it, had only three keys and felt like finishing it :) 

Its okay :) thanks again for playing the game :)