A Simple arcade game that is developed in 5 hours for the global game jam 2022 where the theme is Duality. Get the highest score by collecting seeds but be careful as you need to plan your moves as touching different color make you lose health and collecting 3 seeds will heal you back.

How to Play:
  • Same Color Tiles: You can walk over them with no problems
  • Opposite Color Tiles: Lose health but make an explosion that erases all vertical and horizontal color tiles
  • Seed: Give +1 score and every 3 seeds heal you and erase colors in the 3x3 grid around them when they appear
  • Arrows: Move around
  • X: Start the game and restart


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I'm thinking too much here, a clever yet very simple idea.. I love it!

Wonder if seed can only be found on empty tiles.. it would make it fair for a noob me (23 highscore) :D 

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Thanks a lot :) Glad you enjoyed the game :) I have been thinking of that part with someone suggesting that seeds either:

1- erase the tile underneath it when it appears

2- protect you from damage when you take it, so regardless of the tile

The first solution is more consistent with the rules but the second give it more deep strategy but complicate the simplicity of the rules :)

Just edited the game and went with the simpler option which seeds erase the underlying color tiles :)


Clever idea!

Thanks a lot :)


Simple dual color-filling game design yet surprisingly deep in strategy to not lose health.

Would be nice if the game kept track of your streak (with cartdata).

Thanks a lot, that sounds like a good idea :) maybe streaks give you bonus points :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Just added something to keep the highscore between rounds so you can see what is the best you can do :)

Thanks again for playing the game :)


Very simple and moreish! Aesthetically it is elegant and clear. Nice game : )

Thanks a lot, I just updated the game so it is easier and more interesting to strategize for :)

Thanks again for trying it :)


Ah, nice, it feels a lot harder now that the seeds don’t clear the board!

Yup but I made u can move over old colored tiles that same color as you and not block yourself.

Someone was saying maybe you can get invulnerablity for x steps with each seed. I am thinking about that. Sounds a nice way.