Life is not a race. Life is not about being the best; it is about enjoying the journey. It sounds counterintuitive, but stopping to enjoy life helps us to be better people. We can see what is happening around us. We can smell the roses, enjoy the company, and try new and wonderful things. These things will not only help us to relax, but they will also help us along our journey.

That game was designed for Meditation games for December 3rd.

Controls: Use X and Z to walk, Press Enter to rest the cart at anytime.

Hint: doing some work (without depleting the bar) and then over relaxing (wait after the bar is full), will help you to see stuff in the world that you were not able to see before because you were focusing on work all the time.

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AuthorAhmed Khalifa (Amidos)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsart, artsy, life, Life Simulation, meditation, race

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