This is a very hard puzzle broughlike game where you are infected with COVID-19 leaving traces behind and your sneezes are killing the people around you. Please wear a mask on your daily life.

Try to reach further in the game and getting high score. You get score from moving further forward and from collecting pills. Pills also heal 1 health. Masks reduce your sneeze radius so use it wisely. You lose health by touching one of your traces or killing a person by sneezing on them. Dogs don't get by the virus so try to utilize them.


  • Arrows: Move around
  • Holding Space: Increase the screen speed.

Music: "Ambience, Day Wildlife, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( of

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AuthorAhmed Khalifa (Amidos)
Tagsbroughlike, covid-19, pandemic, Roguelite, sneeze, social-distance, veryhard, virus


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Fun and very difficult. The sneezes are a cool concept.

Thanks a lot :) I know it is very difficult, sorry about that but all puzzles have a solution :) it is the time stress of the moving screen :)

I am trying to simplify it a little by decreasing the screen speed and decrease the amount of hard puzzles appearing :)