Bore of Time is a puzzle roguelike about manipulating enemy position based on time. Bore of Time is made in 48 hours for the 7drl.


Kill enough enemies without taking damage to enable you to advance to the next level.

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to move toward a specific direction. When you release your key, the character stops moving. If you land on a normal tile, time moves forward as long as there are enemies. If you land on the lighting tile, the time doesn't move and everything is the same and you can change your moving direction easily and not stuck in that direction.

When time moves, the player takes 1 damage + any additional damage from enemy attacks.  Landing on an enemy stops the player from moving. The effect of killing an enemy is different based on the enemy's color. Yellow enemies heal the player while pink enemies act similar to the lighting tile (doesn't allow time to move forward).

Game by Ahmed Khalifa
Art by Poloviiinkin


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