A #7DRL entry about indirect combat using laser beams. The goal is to kill all the enemies by collecting the stars which produce a laser beam. The direction of the laser beam depends on your direction of motion. Killing enemies as fast as possible is not the best choice, as the score depends on the combo value shown at the bottom of the screen. The bigger the combo the higher each enemy score. The highest combo value is 5 which will produce lasers to clear the whole playing field.

The game is inspired by the awesome games of @TomSennettUltralight Beam and Deepak Fights Robots :)


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Very nice. Addin some suitable sound effects and it would be brilliant :0


the game is really good, the colors and the gameplay feels great, congrats dude!

thanks a lot :) glad you liked it


I like the trippy visual theme, reminds me of Thor: Ragnarok somehow. The explosion sound rattles me every time though :(

Best score attached

glad you liked it and got that highscore :)